Since 1992, we have helped hundreds of clients by providing business IT solutions and product consultation, implementation, user training and technical support specialising in accounting solution.

We strongly believes in showing results. Our unique consultation services and approach which showcases our commitment and ability to listen to what you need. We are determined to provide company with a solution to streamline your business processes and also identify your pain points.

We had also provided grant consultancy service to hundreds of businesses since 2012 and had helped them apply for the grant successfully.

To-date, we had continued to receive a stream of enquiries from SME business owners on which and what grant should they apply?.

We Provide FREE Grant Consultancy Service

Free Grant Consultation

Our company had helped hundreds of business owners applied the government grants successfully.

If you need help with the grant application, contact our Certified Management Consultant for a FREE consultation.

3 Popular Business Solutions Support By Grant

1. Accounting Software

2. Food Service Equipment

3. Digital Marketing Solution


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