Need Help With Government Grants

Need Help With Government Grants?

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Government Grants That Can Help Your Business

You want to grow your business to the next level but you need help in financial or capability. There are many government grants that can help business owner in Singapore. Let us show you the whats and hows, and we can advise you with the relevant grant application processes and achieve the best possibility of good results.

What We Had Achieved

Experienced Grant Consultant Singapore Since 2012

We are glad that we are able to assist business owners with the government application during this COVID period.

Helping SMEs have always been a service we render. There are so many business owners who needed help and clueless about where and how to get the government grants. We are experienced grant consultant and we try our best to give the advice and help needed.

If your business need help in government grant such as Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) Monthly Salary Support Funding, and if there is any area you may want an opinion or some help, do drop us a message.

You May Want To Know

Experienced Grant Consultant Singapore Since 2012

You don’t have to engage certified EDG Grant consultant for EDG grant funding. This is because the scope of work is classified as a technology and solution vendor, rather than Management Consultancy.

Note: There are no pre-approved vendors for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG).


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